Straws & Sinamay

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Pari-Sisal Capelines and Cones:

Capeline Sizes:

Pari Sisal Capelines come in 37-39cm, 45-46cm & 55-57cm (Largest only come in Natural, Black and Navy).

Cone Size:

43cm x 29cm.

Low Crown P/Sisals

Spring & Summer 2018


S+S2018 PSisals


90cm (34-36").

Dyed & stiffened. Colours as above & more on request.

74cm (29-30") - Gold, Sage (Deep), Mauve, Sea Green, Silver Blue and Maroon.

Window Sinamay:

E-Mail for current stock options.

Pinok Pok:

Available in all basic colours: White, Natural, Black, Ivory & Navy.

Glitter Sinamay:

E-Mail for current stock options.

Pedal Straws:

Large Capelines; 49cm

Red, Black, Natural, Choc, French Navy, Navy, Rust, Sage Green, Pastel Pink, Putty Grey & Fuchsia.

Natural Straw Braid:

6/7 mm per - Natural (approx 72 yards) .

6/7mm per - Black, Rust, Choc, Navy, Sage Green, Pastel Pink, Putty Grey & Red (approx 60 yards).

Straw Braid Colours

Japanese Straw Braid:

5mm per 90 Yard hanks (Natural only).

Japanese Braiding

Natural Straw Braid

 Visca Flares

Visca Flares


Capelines; 34cm, Cones; 33cm x 29cm.

Stiffened or un-stiffened - stock depending.

Cones and Flares: Black, White, Ivory & Navy.

Flares Only: Amythest, Old Rose, Fuchsia (Bright) & Cappuccino



All Ramies are 45-47cm.

  • Plain Ramies, Flannel, Natural, Black and varying shades of Navy.
  • Knotted Ramies, Natural, Black & Navy only

Ombre Bangkok:

Red, Lt Navy, Sky, Camel, Grey

Plain Bangkok:

Cream, White, Camel, Black, Mixed Green, Mixed Beige & Mixed Hazelnut

Mesh Paper Cones and Flare:

Paper Panamas & Twisted Papers:

Twisted Capelines; 41cm, Standard Plain Capelines; 37cm; Plain Cones, 38cm x 29cm; Large Capelines (White only), 43cm.

Variety of Colours stocked; also in the Spring & Summer 2018 Colours!