Standard Straws

Please note: Different browsers and screens will reproduce colours differently.

All sizes are approximate measurements of Natural stock, some may have shrunk after dying

Pedal Straws:

Large Capelines; 47-49cm

Red, Black, Natural, Choc,  Navy, Rust, Sage Green, Pink, Taupe & Fuchsia (small Cap).

Also known as a Sewn Milan.

Straw Braid Colours

Straw Braid:

6/7mm wide - Black, Rust, Choc, Navy, Sage Green, Pastel Pink, Taupe & Red

Approx. 60 yards per hank.

Also known as Milan Braid.

Japanese Straw Braid:

5mm wide, approx. 90 Yard hanks (Natural only).

Japanese Braiding

Natural 7/8mm Braid


Stiffened or un-stiffened - stock depending.

Cones and Flares: Black, White, Ivory & Navy.

Flares Only: Amythest, Old Rose, Cappuccino & Dark Choc.

Flares:34cm, Cones: 33cm x 29cm.

Visca Flares

Plaim Ramies:

Stocked in: Natural, Black, White, Navy & Midnight.


1x1 Natural Plain Ramie

Knotted Ramies:

Stocked in: Natural, Black, White & Navy.